Maxi Harper
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Maxi is a fifth generation San Franciscan, whose family helped build old San Francisco, comes from several generations of Fine Artists, and holds two University degrees in Fine Art, one degree in Architecture, and one degree in Physics. At age 14, Maxi had her oil paintings exhibited at the San Francisco De Young Museum as first place in the Young San Francisco Artists competition. This combination of old San Francisco commitment to quality craftsmanship, natural artistic abilities, and educational training, has created Maxi Harper Graphics that now brings these elements into the computer world with web design and high quality multi-software output coordination. Maxi is also a medical and technical illustrator and copy writer. She works in all mediums including sculpture, fashion, interiors, three dimensional displays, and landscaping. Her commissioned sculpture "Psyche" is the "Oscar" of the psychology fields, awarded every year for outstanding endeavors in the psych-field and carries a $52,000 grant. Maxi is a continual, international, award-winning logo designer and has published works in the Library of Congress. She has worked in the corporate levels of graphics, fine arts and fashion and has created through her own business for over 40 years. Her work has been commissioned and displayed in major corporations and institutions all over the world. (A German company with a satellite office in San Francisco called her for an interview to see if she could match the style of art work they had seen in a magazine to be used for their company imaging. It was her original work that they were trying to match!!!)

"Everyone has the art in them... it is just a decision they make to follow it or not. I believe in matching my clients creativity, and bringing out into the tangible what they feel in their hearts, see in their minds, and need to succeed.."

Maxi Harper